Supplier Assessment.

Match your brand with credible, valued overseas suppliers.

Sourcing overseas means lowered costs, wider product array, global partnerships, and higher profit margins. But most Amazon sellers are hesitant to source overseas for one main reason: they don’t know from whom they’re sourcing.


You want to partner with a supplier who is honest, ethical, and reliable. That’s where Ask Idea Sourcing steps in. We make finding an ethical supplier fast, simple, and headache-free. We have relationships with long-term, credible suppliers with whom we have previously worked. We are also constantly looking for newly qualified suppliers to add to our lineup.


Our team on the ground in China meets companies, visits factories, and performs inspections firsthand. In order to maintain our reputation, we strive to provide the most accurate assessment of suppliers to our clients. Choose the long-term, trustworthy overseas sourcing partner.

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