Product Consultation.

Discover the optimal solutions for your brand’s portfolio.

There’s nothing more important to your Amazon business than your catalog of products. The first question any customer, partner, or investor will ask is: “What do you sell? “That’s why Ask Idea Sourcing starts our consultative journey with product selection.


We, as a sourcing company, can provide you information from the supplier’s side. There are thousands of new patents of invention every day in China. Finding those manufacturers can provide you strong selling points that differentiate your products.


If you already have a lineup of products, we ensure that your sourcing plan is feasible with no risk. We will inform you immediately if we find any potential IP problems, export restriction issues or serious product liability. We know that not every private label project is successful on Amazon. We analyze the suppliers’ distribution, supply demand analysis, component configuration…all towards the goal of choosing a product with high scalability, high margins, and high-profit potential. Find the product that will bring your business to the next level.

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