Price Negotiation.

Improve your business by using the profit-leverage effect of supply savings

You want strong profit margins…and margins begin with cost of goods sold. The lower the price of the products, the higher your profit margins. A low price of products means you can remain competitive in the Amazon marketplace without cutting into your margins.


You can offer low prices while still making money. But low cost of goods shouldn’t mean poor quality. Ask Idea Sourcing knows that today’s market calls for a balance of price, quality, and speed. We negotiate prices with our sellers to come up with a win-win-win solution for all parties.


Good negotiation requires relationships, information, and communication skills. We can utilize all three to help you negotiate without a headache or the worry of loss. We also use bundling practices and multi-channel sourcing to offer the best value to our clients, while still treating our suppliers fairly and respectfully. Lower your price per unit, grow your profit margins.

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