Contract Agreement.

Remove cultural and communication barriers for a win-win solution.

You want to arrive at a contractual agreement that works for both you and your supplier. You want that agreement to be legal, binding, and thorough. You want that agreement to specify and define the supply chain processes. But it can be hard to come to this sort of agreement if there are cultural or communication barriers.


There could be a language barrier or a misunderstanding of values. It might simply be that there is a large time difference, inhibiting the fast and comprehensive communicative processes your business demands.


Ask Idea Sourcing has teams in both the U.S. and China to overcome these barriers. Our Chinese native team interacts directly with our US-based team to ensure that all supplier-seller contracts are fair, legal, and just. They also facilitate communication, so information, data, and discussion can happen as quickly as the market changes. Unlock the contract and communication agreements that work best for your fast-paced business

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