Your China Connection. Finding cost-effective and reliable product sources plays right into your bottom line. But you don’t feel equipped to work with suppliers from China on your own. Ask Idea serves as an extension of your team, removing your concerns and obstacles of sourcing overseas by being on-the-ground in China when you can’t be.

Ask Idea Sourcing was founded on two key beliefs:

1. Sourcing should not be faceless. We’re on the ground in China when you can’t be. Our operations are rooted in both the U.S. and China. We utilize native teams overseas to work with your suppliers face-to-face. This personal, hands-on approach removes the traditional concerns of anonymous sourcing. Ask Idea Sourcing enables a reliable partnership based on trust, quality control, and cost-savings.

2. Amazon sellers thrive best when they focus on core business processes. We have 4 years of experience with overseas transportation, industry regulations, global certification, and legal policies. We use our expertise and associations to alleviate cross-cultural communication barriers. We also have a thorough understanding of the complexities of Amazon’s requirements, so we can grow your sourcing in tandem with the Amazon platform. We believe Amazon sellers should focus on building their brand and expanding their customer base… and we take care of the rest.

We promise to always…

– Position the seller’s best interests at the forefront of business.

– Present cost-effective solutions at each stage of the sourcing process.

– Team up with reliable, trustworthy suppliers.

We will create a portfolio that you’re proud of and profit margins you can grow on.

Leadership Team

Meet our experienced team. Grounded both in America and China, we're globally local.